Rental Property Investment Advisor

Version: 4.4   (version history)
Size: 7930KB
Date: August 22, 2003
License: Free To Try $29.95
OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Author: Spectrum Universal Corp.

Publisher's Description

Calculate your future profits from rental income and long-term property appreciation. Discover the Rate of Return on your investment and compare the profit-making potential of various rental properties. Comprehensive pre- and post-tax profit projections. Fast, accurate and easy-to-use. Enter basic information such as purchase price and mortgage terms, and the program does the rest. Includes refinance/prepayment calculators & amortization schedules.

PROPERTY VALUE APPRECIATION -- What could your rental property be worth several years into the future at different market growth rates? This feature is useful for determining long-term net profit as well as for retirement and estate planning.

RENTAL INCOME PROFIT -- Estimated earnings from rental income that is invested after subtracting all costs and taxes. Investment and tax rates are user-configurable, as is an inflation percentage to account for rising rental income and costs over time.

OVERALL NET PROFIT -- Includes property appreciation, invested rental profits, remaining-principal payback, buying/selling costs, capital gains tax, recaptured depreciation, and interest and depreciation deductions. When comparing several properties, the overall net profit will show you which properties will maximize your profits. Profit shown as a Rate of Return percentage tells you how hard your money is working for you.

Also included with the program: Alternative Investment Comparison, Refinance/Prepayment Calculators, Mortgage Interest Amortization Schedule.
**** The Free DEMO version includes all these features!

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