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Version: 2   (version history)
Date: June 30, 2002

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Author: ProSystems, Inc.

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TimeCalc 2000 Description

TimeCalc 2000 Free Download.

TimeCalc 2000 (c) 1996-2002 ProSystems, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

TimeCalc 2000 (TC2000) is the latest release of our popular TimeCalc software, used for totaling payroll time cards and time sheets. TC2000 is an industrial-strength, universal time and attendance solution.

TC2000 gives you the tools you need to perform advanced functions such as automatic overtime calculation (including multi-tier overtime, as in California), advanced break deduction, flexible reports, and many other features. Anyone who has the repetitive, error-prone task of summarizing payroll time sheets or time cards will appreciate this inexpensive software.

Following is a partial list of TC2000 Features:

-Employee database to validate entries and eliminate retyping of employee names.

-Automatic overtime calculation, based on daily or weekly hours worked, or multi-tiered situations.

-Automatic break deduction, with the ability to screen out sessions too short to qualify for a break.

-User-defined fields, so you collect times for Sick, Vacation or other categories of time, or dollar amounts (as for tips).

-Automatic conversion from hours/minutes to hours/hundredths (or vice versa).

-Can automatically round times to predetermined intervals.

-Full support for 12 or 24 hour clocks, as well as entry and result units in hours/minutes or hours/100ths.

-Line-item descriptions, with Quicken-styled auto-fill entry and editing.

-User-configurable grid for data entry and editing, with adjustable column orderings and widths, and the ability to sort on columns with only a mouse click on the column heading. Grid entry has been optimized for data entry, requiring only the 10-key pad for basic data entry functions.

-Many other useful features not found elsewhere.

30 day free trial. Online registration at our website.

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