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Version: 4.7   (version history)
Date: December 02, 2014

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OS: Windows
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Popularity: Popularity 1/10
Author: TMachines, s.r.o.

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CutLogic 1D Description

CutLogic 1D Free Download.

CutLogic 1D is a lenght cutting optimizer software, the best way how to save your material, work and time when you need to cut any linear (pipes, bars, rods, tubes, wires, profiles, cables) material such as wood, steel, aluminum, plastic and others in industries like woodworking, furniture, steel, construction, engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, window fashions and others.

In seconds computes optimized cutting layouts.

Cost driven optimization priority based on defined cost of used sources.

Full material and remnants (reusable rests) inventory management.

Multi source support for cutting from many different sources.

Inventory assemblies possibility to define multipart products in an inventory.

Remnant rate parameter for remnants (over)production control.

Unlimited versatility and complexity for any cutting cases - support for up to 1 million sources and 1 million parts per one optimization plan.

Support of metric and fractional length formats (9.99, 3'-3.99", 8'-3 63 / 64", 99 3 / 32).

Extensive cutting settings cutting blade width (kerf), trim cut, gripping, rubbing, minimal repeat of layout etc.

Security and reliability making the most of true SQL database (Firebird) for data protection, security, backup, crash recovery etc.

Wide set of predefined standard report and label templates editable via embedded report designer editable fields, fonts, functions, barcodes.

Export to CSV, TXT, MS Excel, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, ODT, ODS.

Import from TXT, CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, clipboard and connection strings (MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, MS SQL Server, etc.).

Enhanced data sorting and filtering capabilities for better information outline on the screen.

OptiRefine - intelligent refinement of optimization, priorities of optimization - waste, work, remnants usage, etc.

Strong, steady and reliable optimization for every cutting case.

Available also as ActiveX Control Engine Library.

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