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Version: 2.4   (version history)
Date: January 21, 2004

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: Practiline Software

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PractiCount and Invoice Description

PractiCount and Invoice Free Download.

PractiCount and Invoice is a powerful text counting and invoicing software for freelance translators, translation and localization agencies, medical transcriptionists and transcription agencies, writers, project managers and other language professionals who base their quotations and invoices on volume of text processed.

This tool can do a batch count of multiple Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPerfect, HTML and PDF files in directories and subdirectories on drives. Customizable word, line, page count options enable setting the line and page parameters according to word or character number. Ability to count text in textboxes, headers, footers, foot- and endnotes, annotations and embedded documents missed in word count functions of major word processors. Ability to set a price per word, line or page in any world currency. Optional different pricing for different file types. Ability to set user-defined word delimiters for better count accuracy.

Detailed reports can be printed or exported into Excel or Word files. Built-in client database allows you to store individual settings for each client and generate invoices with a click. Automatical calculation of taxes, discounts, surcharges for invoicing. Invoices can be exported to rtf which enables further editing in other applications like MS Word, or e-mailed directly to the customer.

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