Personal ExoBrain

Version: 5-028   (version history)
Size: 38889KB
Date: May 07, 2003
License: Free
OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Author: ExoBrain Incorporated

Publisher's Description

The ExoBrain team took the same artificial intelligence and neural networking concepts that have been thus far targeted towards high-end applications and used them to create a simple user interface (SUI) for the computer illiterate.

Are you the "power user" in your family? Do you find yourself getting "tech support" calls at all hours? Have your second cousins and uncles-in-law started inviting you over for dinner just so you can troubleshoot their PC's? Well, help is on the horizon.

A new user interface called "ExoBrain" is so simple that even your most computer illiterate relatives can figure it out. WindowsTM and the GUI interface revolutionized personal computing and made it possible for most people to figure out most desktop applications. But there are still some "late adopters" out there who either can't figure out the latest versions of WindowsTM or don't want to try to learn it.

The development team behind ExoBrain wants to turn those non-users into new users. We are not teaching the person to work with the computer; we are teaching the computer to work with the human. We have turned the tables on the entire learning process. Our interface has the ability to go straight to some applications just by clicking, but the really important part of this is Meaning Processing which is currently in development.

Once completed Meaning Processing will allow you to tell your Personal ExoBrain to send an email, and it will understand. There aren't those commands you'll have to know. It will recognize any derivative of 'send' and 'email.'" Personal ExoBrain allows a user to build small database applications and exchange them with other users and a lot more.

This is experimental and for evaluation only. Please note, it does not have an Uninstall but it does not change anything in your Windows Registry, configuration, autoexec, etc. Everything installs into 1 folder. You can delete this Folder without affecting anything else when you're done evaluating.

Personal ExoBrain keywords: business software, custom database, build application, personal exobrain, neuronet, scientology

This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of Personal ExoBrain at for any additional information.