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Date: October 06, 2016

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iMagic Inventory Software Description

iMagic Inventory Software Free Download.

For most businesses keeping the supply chain and logistics end of their operations is key, everything from inventory brought in to items of stock being issued and finally invoices raised and payments managed can be a heft task. Moreover businesses find that the more lax their inventory control is the more susceptible they are to losses.

In today's technology driven era, most business models incorporate the need for controls via systems either built in or customized to match needs and requirements for inventory and stock taking. iMagic Inventory software is affordable, economic to run, keeps yours costs down and what's more is the foremost inventory control software in the market today which ensures end-to-end delivery and management of inventory. From daily reports to operational controls and the like - iMagic is an inventory management software which ensures you are up to date with the day to day movement of stock.

It seamlessly incorporates within its functions your various warehouse operations which include but are not limited to:
-Inventory Control and Management
-Invoice and Record Keeping
-Payments Schedule
-Customer Database Management
-Barcode Enhancement and Support
-Item Booking and Tracking
-Management Information Systems (MIS Reporting

A testament to our functional brilliance is the number of customers and clients who are already onboard.

From offering baseline functions to also having customizable functions and capabilities - iMagic gels itself to your business operations and makes them easier to manage, less of a hassle to control and provides an overall end to end business based solution.

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