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Date: November 01, 2004

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Trias Politica Thesaurus Builder Description

Trias Politica Thesaurus Builder Free Download.

Thesaurus Builder is a full multilingual thesaurus management software. It provides a wide range of tools to develop controlled vocabularies and enables information professionals to create and manage their own thesauri.

It makes colored RTF format of each "Alphabetical Display", "Rotational Index", "Hierarchical Relationship" and "Simple Equivalent Indexes" of your thesaurus. The only thing that remains is loading RTF files into the Microsoft Word, adding additional information to its header or footer, and printing it.

And also, if you want to publish your thesaurus on the internet, you just need to count 1 - 2 - 3 to generate your own thesaurus in a searchable HTML format.

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