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Version: 2.5   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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FolderLock Free Download.

Do you share your computer with others, or use it for the internet, chat rooms, email etc? Do you have important files on your computer that you would not like people to touch? If so then FolderLock is the tool you need. Not only can it protect your files/folders from being damaged accidentally, it can also protect your computer from malicious users, deadly and harmful viruses and worms from being executed on your computer and taking total control of it.

FolderLock allows you to 'password protect' your personal files/folders either locally or on the network giving you various locking modes for securing them. You can protect files/folders by completely hiding (invisible), preventing all access or even only allowing read access to them. Protected items will be stopped from being renamed, modified, deleted, copied, moved, accessed or even be visible on the system. FolderLock can run in full stealth mode and it can start protecting your files/folders as soon as Windows starts and keep on protecting them after a user logs off or even if it terminates unexpectedly.

With FolderLock's multiuser support you can lock files/folder on a per user basis. You can lock files/folders depending on who the currently logged on user is or simply use the same security settings for everyone.

The easy to use features of FolderLock make it easy to setup for home, schools, businesses, networks and organizations of all kinds. Remember your sensitive data is precious to you and to protect it, you definitely need FolderLock. It is a must have tool for anyone looking to secure their system with ease but in confidence and trust.

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