TO2000 PRO Internet Utilities

Version: 9.4   (version history)
Size: 0
Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $19.95
OS: Win 95/NT/2000/98/ME

Publisher's Description

'TO2000 PRO Internet Utilities' are 'The Worlds Best Internet Search, Acceleration, Bookmark Management, and Connection Management Tools!' 'If you use the internet, you need TO2000 PRO'

NEW Better Search capability then any other program available!

NEW Support for DSL, Cable, LAN, or Dial Up Win.95/98/NT/2000.

NEW Automatic Acceleration Self Configuration.

NEW Automatic Self Updating.

NEW Automatic bookmark management with 'Netmarks'.

NEW Automatic TO2000 PRO Connection Manager that virtually eliminates most timeouts.

You will never have to worry about Terminal Overdrive 2000 PRO becoming
'dated' because when a new version is released the TO2000 PRO Auto Update feature will download and install the latest release! And because we are constantly adding new features you will always have the latest and hotest product available.

In addition to the superior Internet Searching, Acceleration, and Netmark features of TO2000 PRO, TO2000 PRO also includes several other first rate tools to make your computing experience better. Examples of some of these include a password and alarm protected System Lock, an instant access Screen Capture utility and one of the most sophisticated Business Calculators ever created with software.

Laptop users can easily switch between environments from LAN to Dial-Up, Cable or DSL. Whatever your environment, TO2000 PRO will instantly self configure with the click of a button and remember all of your settings.

Unlike products which require extensive computer knowledge just to operate, TO2000 PRO is completely self configuring, just install and click to maximize your download, email, and browsing speed. And you never have to worry about
resetting anything unless you want to change environments, TO2000 PRO will start itself when you start and automate the rest. There simply is not a better suite of tools to improve your internet experience.

With countless (and steadily growing) 'TO2000' users the world over and two years of engineering and stability behind it, there simply is not a better choice. If you buy one program, buy TO2000 PRO and watch it automaticly upgrade itself when other companies would be tring to sell you a new version.

'TO2000 PRO'is for Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2000, and Windows NT with any type or dual internet connections.

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of TO2000 PRO Internet Utilities at for any additional information.