Multi-tiff page Maker and combined Tiff Image Checker

Version: 1.00   (version history)
Size: 0
Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $339
OS: Win 95/NT/2000/98/ME

Publisher's Description

(1)Designed specifically for the document imaging bureau environment, the software will take a complete folder of single page tif images that are already indexed and create multi-page tif files where the first file is FILENAME-001.TIF and the subsequent pages to be appended to the first page are FILENAME-002.TIF FILENAME-003.TIF etc.

(2)The software always looks for FILENAME-001.TIF as being page 1 of any multi-page tif file that is to be created.

(3)All single pages are deleted so that when the process is complete, you have a folder containing multi-page tif files where there were pages FILENAME-001.TIF -002.TIF etc and single page tif files where only page FILENAME-001.TIF existed with no attachments.

(4)If a file has been indexed incorrectly, (example:- the first page has been indexed as the second page, so no page 001 exists), the software will tell the user which file(s) need attention as they do not have a parent page 001.

(5)We also provide indexing software to enable the user to index a folder of single page tif files quickly and efficiently and the -001.tif -002.tif page number is added automatically. This gives the user a folder of images that is ready for the multi-page tif maker process.

The single page tif files prior to collation using this software must be in the following format:-


FILENAME = the index value that you assign to the file.
-001 = the page number of the document
.TIF = the tif file extension.

The program will also check the quality of each image and write a report to a log file for each image page, providing the user with a complete audit trail of images together with their page ? of ? number and if the scanned image is 'OK' or 'BAD'.

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