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Version: 2.3   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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The JetChart Library - binary code & 1 year free email support Description

The JetChart Library - binary code & 1 year free email support Free Download.

The JetChart Library is a set of java classes that displays a large variety of java charts from applets, applications and servlets(as gif images).

The following features are implemented in the JetChart Library:

Supports JDK 1.1 and higher versions.
Dragging. It's possible to drag chart over the plotting area.
Size adjustment. Complements the dragging feature, allowing chart resizing,
if desired.
Vertical and horizontal orientation. A boolean property is enough to set chart orientation.
Gradient colors. A gradient effect on the chart background enhances
Popup legends(tooltips). A boolean property enables/disables presentation
of popup legends when the mouse cursor moves over coordinates areas.
2D/3D presentation.
Draggable chart legend. If dragging is enabled, chart legend can be
dragged to the left, right or bottom position.
Pluggable series. The mechanism in charge of painting chart series is
encapsulated inside distinct classes. Series are created and configured
individually and then added to the chart context. This makes easier the
presentation of charts with combined series.
Distinct classes to configure the x axis, y axis, chart legend and grid.
Supports positive and negative numbers.
Line charts, bar charts, stacked bar charts, point charts, area charts,
image charts and pie charts can be displayed.
CandleStick and bar charts for the stock market.
Pie chart rotation and slice explosion can be handled dinamically just
with mouse clicks and dragging.
Date charts. One single method named setStartDate(), in the Graph class, is
enough to define sequential date labels, in a day-by-day, week-by-week,
month-by-month or year-by-year increment.
Annotation box. Unlimited number of text boxes with annotations can be
dropped and dragged over the chart area.
Labels sections. It is possible to limit the labels to be painted to those
located at the beginning of predefined sections over the labels axis, with
the method setLabelSections(), in the Graph class.
Automatic or manual values range definition. It is possible to disable
automatic range increment and set it manually, from a minimum to a maximum value and increment passed to some Graph class methods.
Serie event handling. When a mouse click or drag is performed over the
element of a serie, a SerieEvent object is created and dispatched to
objects that implement the SerieListener interface. The SerieEvent
object wraps information concerning the index of the element clicked or
dragged, position of the cursor, graphic context and serie that was
Chart can be exported to a gif image just setting three methods.

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