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Version: 1.1b   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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MatStream Bill Of Materials Description

MatStream Bill Of Materials Free Download.

MatStream Bill Of Materials is a bill of materials manager. All the technical data of components used in your product can be added to a bill of materials. MatStream is database driven and learns from previous projects. It learns to recognize type numbers of components and links it to the appropriate documentation and certificates.
MatStream Bill of Materials features also automated printing of documentation to create product information manuals.

Items from MatStream Product Information Center can be dragged or copied into this a bill of materials. With this operation the link to the product data and documentation will be remained.

Both applications as well 'Bill Of Materials', as 'Product Information Center' needs to be registered separately. See MatStream Product Information Center for more information.

Order this first license of MatStream Bill Of Materials with introduction discount. This introduction price is only applicable for the first license of MatStream BOM. The license can be expanded at no additional administration fee.

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