Vallant remote IT administration service

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Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $49.95
OS: Win 95Unix / Linux /NT/2000/98

Publisher's Description

Try before you pay our support, installation, configuration,
administration and consulting for software & scripts from our selection of best software & free Perl CGI scripts
or any other through Internet. We have experience
and know how to solve your problems. Our service includes also support, installation, configuration,
administration and consulting for following services and solutions:

undeleting data
defragmenting data
removing viruses/ antivirus solution
backing up/ restoring data
security (encryption, firewall, proxy, privacy)
remote work/ tele-working (with any application, including chat,
voice and video over IP).
networks (dialup, cable, LAN, VPN)

If you would like something else let us know,
probably we can help. 


With us you try the service before you pay for it and you
must pay only after successful service completion, this means IF WE CAN'T FIX YOUR PROBLEM YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY US!
We give you guarantee that software or script will be up and running
in three working days. During test faze for software it can happen that we exceed
this limit.
We give you three week money back guarantee.
We handle all your data and data needed to connect to your computer(s)/
and to perform our service with extreme care. All this data that after
completion of service resides on our side is completely destroyed (wiped) immediately
after successful service completion.
We'll never deliberately pass your data to unauthorized persons.
Only one person (in which we have absolute trust) sees, handles your data and performs the
In case that we suspect that security of your data, computer(s)/network could be
compromised we'll inform you immediately.


Security and privacy of your and our data, computer(s)/network is most important
for us.
We just need your public PGP key and we connect to you trough PCanyware's encrypted
connection. Or if your computer(s)/network support Virtual Private Network (VPN) and
IPsecurity using PGP key or a shared passphrase for authentication than
we'll connect to you with IPsec-compatible peer-to-peer capable client
software like PGPnet.


For limited time only is price for the service 49,95 US$ for one hour of remote
work or for single software package/script (whichever applies). For more than one hour/package is
49,95 US$
multiplied with number of hours or installations.Ordering

We're just in process of setting up
the secure online SSL ordering. If you're interested you can contact
us and order immediately and we'll do the job. After submitting your order
it will be placed in the queue and processed within three working days (during
test faze it can happen that we exceed
this limit for software).
If you need help immediately then you must pay before
you place the order.

here to pay for our service by Credit Card, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check or Cash through
our secure online transaction provider ShareIt!

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of Vallant remote IT administration service at for any additional information.