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Date: January 26, 2002

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The Literary Machine Professional Edition Description

The Literary Machine Professional Edition Free Download.

The Literary Machine is an intelligence center with the power to analyze and compose. Use it to process information--to strain out the relevant bits and piece them together. Designed as a tool to spark critical thinking and creativity (especially in writing), it features a text-based keyword matrix for concept-mapping, idea generating, and brainstorming. Its back-end is a front-end word processor for composing documents. LM's great power stems from its unique design: a freeform, flat relational database that lets you combine concepts to hybridize them. But you needn't sacrifice the convenience of hierarchical organization to get that power. For, in LM you can also organize the information in a treelike subsystem that outlines topics, chain-links related texts, and exports them as drafts! You can store pictures and sounds, create file albums, and integrate external data (such as Web pages and local documents). So, though LM does not aim to be the 'Swiss Army Knife' of PIMs, most users claim that it serves all their PIM needs, not just their creativity needs. Learn more at

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