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Version: 1.4.X   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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Author: Isimtouch.com

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I-Scribe Professional XP/Any Description

I-Scribe Professional XP/Any Free Download.

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Now with Real-Time Dictation and Real-Time
Transcription, with Real-Time Compression
and Real-Time Digital Intercom!


Here's what our customers are saying...

"This is absolutely amazing! I had no idea there was anything like
this. I

was so glad to find it. I could virtually work for any and every lawyer

town and doctors, for that matter...... If at all possible, I would

like to purchase it, and whoever came up with this, I want to shake

hand!", Penny Davis, Laurel Transcription Service

I-Scribe Professional XP/Any is the "ultimate dictation solution
for legal professionals". This product has grown with feedback from
it's client base and now offers many new enhanced features. The latest
version has the following features:

Stop the Press - The "ultimate" Version 1.4 has arrived!

(All licenses come with Automated
Remote Workflow Management, Live Real-Time Dictation/Transcription
options and communication via LAN/WAN/MAN/Internet/Email as standard)

"Ultimate" New features in V1.4.0


1. Automated Workflow Management with Distributed web environment. This
is the most powerful workflow management tool on the planet. You can
create your own rules. Some examples 

that are setup by default are:

- The ability to automatically route jobs based on
age/status/from/to/comments/time of day/weekday or sequence and
interface to other systems upon request.

- The ability to change job order based on priority and who it is from.

- The ability to manage the queue status automatically based on time

- The ability to automatically delete, forward, notify, email notify,
execute and modify any job based on any condition you set!

- The ability to change priority and email you a letter, when a document
contains specified text. For example, the word 'Urgent' or 'Fax'.

This is truly an amazing feature, which offers better flexibility than
any other product available. An automated workflow management log is
available to track each action.

2. Manage queue's from any platform through a HTML browser, anywhere on
the Internet or your network. This allows you to monitor and control
remote office workers from your own 

back yard! You can also create a live queue page in a section of your
own website, that allows your visitors to see where there job is on the
queue and any comments that have been 

made relating to that job.

3. Real-Time Dictation and Transcription options. This allows you to
dictate directly into your receptionists headset in real time, a million
miles away, or in another room. The 

transcriptionist and dictator can send support files to one another, and
have a live conversation. This is a world first, and enables you to
transcribe documents faster and more 

efficient than ever. No third party FTP or web servers necessary. You
can dictate or transcribe from anyone else using Medi-Voice or I-Scribe
by simply knowing there unique 

MVID (Software ID Code).

4. Remote Office Intercom - This is an extraordinary addition to the
system that allows you to page anybody on your Medi-Voice or I-Scribe
network, anywhere in your office or 

anywhere in the world! This can be to ask a question, or to hold a
conference between two sites. This is only limited by your imagination.

5. Completely redesigned LAN/WAN/MAN/Internet file transfer component,
that allows you to send dictation/transcription and supporting files at
the highest possible network speed. 

This is approximately 10 x faster than previous versions, and provides
higher reliability.

6. Receptionists can not only just store transcription profiles, they
can also have access to frequently used foot pedal options from their
Title Bar mode, without having to visit 

advanced options.

7. Tighter integration with digital dictation devices, allows you to
operate recording/dictation through a SpeechMike or SpeechMike Pro, and
also provides import capabilities for 

other handheld digital dictation devices.

8. User Configurable queue status, and colors. You can add unlimited
status events to your transcription or dictation queues, and set the
color you prefer. You can also utilize 

the new Automated Workflow Management options to add rules to each

9. A priority can be set for all dictation jobs at the dictator end,
which is transferred to the transcriptionist, and automatically given
priority in the incoming queue.

10. DICOM image and tag viewer with sample image that allows remote
sending of images through your integrated network.

11. Tracking for the transcriptionist is added, so you can track the job
by sequence number from the original site.

12. Automatic Silence Reduction. Talk as long as you like, with gaps and
all the gaps are automatically removed.

13. NO Reliance on third party file formats that restrict you from
playing the audio. WMA is supported in later Microsoft operating systems

Our Unconditional Guarantee

This software is fully customisable and is the 'ultimate' remote
system on the market. We unconditionally guarantee that you will find
our software solution easy to use, and affordable. If you find an
equally featured software application within 90 days of sale for a
better price, we will refund the difference, and issue you with a free
dictation license.

I-Scribe has it all; only buy a digital dictation system that includes
the following...

Here are our basics - 

* Complete digital dictation/transcription/workflow management
and communication system in one

* Ability to 'undo' the last dictation change if you have made a

* Ability to insert/overwrite into any position of your audio with ease

* Real Time Dictation / Real Time Transcription - Live voice can be

* Real Time Compression for Real Time Dictation - Dictation is never
streamed uncompressed. Dictation is encoded in real time and sent live
through the Internet or LAN/WAN/MAN to your transcriptionists headset.

* WMA is the best quality - low file size compression, and is is built
into the later operating systems - and included with the software
allowing you to not get locked into third party file formats

* The system can handle images/other audio/documents or any other file
in the 1 simple audio transmission. This includes evidence images and
documents, digital attachments and much more, making you more productive
and saving time

* This system  can handle all markets. You can create remote
dictation networks as big or small as you like. All our packages offer
value. This solution can be used on corporate servers - or a home
laptop, without distinction and with the same reliable use.

* This solution does not rely on EMAIL, or FTP. At your discretion you
can send dictation to any other user with an internet connection - or
anywhere on your LAN or WAN. The full version does not expire, and does
not rely on any third party servers to function correctly.

Here is more - 

* Transfer digital dictation directly via LAN/WAN/MAN/Internet

* Full customizable dictation integration via handheld devices, and
multiple job session support

* New Support for Windows Media Audio (WMA), which offers the best
quality and compression

* Remote (Multi-Site) functionality. Staff can work from home, or across
the globe

* Instant detection of LAN/WAN/MAN networked sites

* Backup support to CDR/CDRW for both the Incoming and Outgoing queue

* Digital Foot Pedal Support

* Customizable Speeds, Maintaining Pitch/Bass/Treble/Mic/Master controls

* Can be integrated with most of the popular handheld units and PDA's

* Free use of the Legal-Connect Internet gateway Optional and (For a
limited Time)

* Free 7 day trial of the complete system (Fully Functional)

* Fully Internet-Enabled - Live Update - Remote sharing of address books

* Email integration, and new improved user interface!

* Login security profiles, and restrictions for various users

* Database reporting/exporting/backup

* Ideal for barristers/solicitors, legal enthusiasts, and even real

* Fully customizable allowing you to adjust all options to your

* Automatic Document Pickup - The system will automatically detect newly
transcribed or modified documents

* DICOM image support

All this and more. Why not see for yourself, and share in the benefits
of integrating the most powerful legal dictation solution into your

Also, you have the ability to attach evidence images and other data,
client notes/memo and any other legal attachments to your dictation.

Congratulations. You are 1 step closer to obtaining the
"ultimate" in legal dictation software. I-Scribe is fully
featured software designed for all legal professionals.

Imagine being able to record dictation anywhere, anytime and send it
anywhere! I-Scribe is an elite system that offers many features
standard, including Live Telephone Dictation, Foot Pedal Control, Voice
Speed, Advanced Volume Settings, Receptionist and Doctor Profiles,
Address Book, Recording sizes and modes, encryption and compaction into
MP3 format for transmission, Automatic Internet Communication between
multiple sites, LAN/WAN or Internet. 


I-Scribe is fully documented and easy to use, and can be customized on
request.  The software is 100% developed, maintained and supported
in Australia. 

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