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Version: 1.2   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 3.1/95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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Author: Optimumcut.com

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Optimumcut-1D Single User License Description

Optimumcut-1D Single User License Free Download.

Important Note

What is 'Optimumcut-1D'

Optimumcut-1D is a "Stand-Alone"
(1 Dimension) Cutting List Generator & Linear
Material Optimization Software
Tool which calculates & displays exactly how
to obtain the best yield from stock lengths of
profile. Subsequently leading to significant savings
in materials cost when estimating & ordering
materials for Manufacture & Production.
The question is how do you achieve
an optimum materials yield using the minimum quantity
of materials ?
Optimumcut-1D software allows you
to solve that problem, by length nesting of
materials, so you can decide how to buy or how to use
stocks, obtaining an optimum cutting list in a matter
of seconds. You can make economic optimization if you
use different standard lengths with different costs
per length.

'Optimumcut-1D' provides the
following Features:

Easy to use and easy to understand
for all
types of users.
Quick and exact solution.
It is a
real optimization tool.
Can guarantee mathematical optimum.
(under default parameter conditions).

Interactive response for highly
demanding load (i.e. large cutting
lists with
many pieces to cut).
Optimumcut-1D compares PC's
memory resources with data processing needs, then
suggests actions to obtain
a real time solution.
Can calculate optimization based
on material's cost.
Can record materials lists and
cutting pattern list.
Can include up to 100000
different parts to cut.
Can include up to
different cut from lengths.
Compensation for the saw
cut or shear thickness.
Any measurement unity.
(Metric, Imperial, Decimal etc)

Output to
spreadsheets (.CSV) files.

Detailed Graphic output reports.

Printing of cut
parts labels, also can print labels using MS Word.

optimization algorithm allows
of any size of input data.

Optional Detailing of
Mitred End Cut

Allowance for
Bar End
Trim to cover damages in bars.

New input data file
format (.CSV) compatible with spreadsheet programs

identification of bars.

identification of pieces.

Timing Module
To Calculate Cutting Production Times

Pricing Module
To Calculate Material Costs

Note : Please Read Before Commencing Your Purchase Of Optimumcut-1D

1) a) Please Start Optimumcut-1D and press Ctrl, Alt
& F12.

b) A box will appear displaying your uniquely generated
Serial No. specific for that computer.

c) Please write down the Serial No. & e-mail to info@optimumcut.com
in order for us to provide you with the relevant
activation keys.

2)a) Each Computer generates a different unique Serial No.
therefore if you wish to run Optimumcut-1D on other
computers within your works you will need to purchase
Additional Licenses for each computer.

b) Additional Internal Licenses Cost 40% of the LIST
PRICE of the software purchased.

3)a) To resolve the issue of having to purchase further
copies of Optimumcut-1D & keep your budgeted costs 'low'
we have created the 'FREE' Report Viewer which is bundled
with the Optimumcut-1D Software package!

b) Just install Optimumcut-1D on any of your computers and
use the 'FREE' Report Viewer to view & printout your
previously saved Cutting files.

c) Report Viewer does not expire & remains fully


4) Your purchase of 1 Fully Registered Version of
Optimumcut-1D (Version 1.2) will include 1 Years e-mail
customer support including software updates. Optimumcut
endeavour to respond to all queries / enquiries within 48


5) You can renew your subscription each year &
continue e-mail customer support including software
updates on payment of an annual fee of 25% of the LIST
PRICE of each software License purchased.

Note : Customer Care Center

To ensure our customers find answers to questions
about the order and payment process or special transactions, please visit the
Shareit Web-based

Customer Care Center
at the following url



Customer Care Center offers FAQs,
order data and information on contacting Shareit customer services. 

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