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Date: January 26, 2002

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DBAConnect -Single License Free Download.


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Fast, Secure Remote Administration of your Database

DBAConnect is a web based Oracle Database management tool
that provides convenient administration of your Oracle database through
any web browser. It allows the database administrator to execute any
administration command and to control user sessions. It allows the
developer to execute any SQL statement. DBAConnect is designed for fast
performance and to preserve system security.

Once installed and configured, DBAConnect can be used for
convenient access to the Oracle Database from anywhere. The ease of
browser-enabled clients allows a low maintenance method to handle third
parties, consultants, or project staffing fluctuations. DBAConnect
provides immediate productivity gains through the elimination of client
license maintenance, improved response time to system issues, and
increased convenience for database administrators.

DBAConnect is a unique one due to its platform independent
architecture, enhanced security features and its ease of use.

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