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Date: January 26, 2002

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idPlanner Suite Description

idPlanner Suite Free Download.

idPlanner is a product for planning activities over skilled resources. It integrates an availability planner and an activity planner, offering the ability to assign periods in time to available resources.

Availability Planner

Do you know at any given time when your personnel are available and when they are not? If you don’t, or are not always sure, then the Availability Planner is probably something for you. Being aware of your resources’ presence and absence is vital for your company for it is often the difference between being profitable and not

Availability is the heart of each planning. Without correct availability it becomes impossible to create a good planning. It is of no use to plan activities over unavailable resources. Therefore availability determines the feasibility of your customer’s orders and sets the basis for reliable appointments with customers. Registering availability in a consequent manner is essential for a professional planning.

Using the Availability Planner you can register your resources availability efficiently. Powerful and advanced features support you to create an availability plan in a fraction of time. You also gain functionality to register the antithesis of availability: absence. The integration with the optional Activity Planner and/or Skill Planner makes it a good foundation for every planning.

Activity Planner

Planning your incomming activities in an efficient manner, often makes the difference between profitability and not. Using the graphical activity planner you are presented with a powerful tool to do so in a simple though effective way. Define your activity types, assign skills to them and you are on the way to get the right resource on the job.

Main features are:

Availability Planner

Easy to maintain availability
Easy to maintain absence
Define several absence types, with custom color schemes
Create repeating absences using advanced scheduling options
Copy availability across time
Several reports included
Output graphical planner to the printer
and more...

Activity Planner

Easy to maintain activities
Keep a helicopter view on what is going on
Assign multiple resources
Assign resources based of available effort, instead of time
Full drag-and-drop support
Advanced assignments through relevance matrix
Link periods using advanced linking options, like finish-start, start-start, finish-finish and start-finish
Automated planner to find the right available resource in time
Reflects all defined absence and availability gaps
Customize the board view to your own preference
Output graphical planner to the printer
Several reports included

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