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Date: January 26, 2002

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Digital Catalog Description

Digital Catalog Free Download.

A complete integrated solution for product gallery driven business (local as well exports) for category wise image collection management, powerful user defined criterion driven search engine on entire collection, customizable product info management, complete product info (including name, category, pricing, packaging, product description, product dimensions/style/colors/pattern, customizable pick list, memo, checklist, and secured area for confidential information). For any further operation, user need not re key the inputs.
Print your own catalog in most customizable manner with complete company info on the top/bottom of the catalog. Printing can be customized for - number of products on the page (currently supports 1, 2, 4, 6. 8, 10, 12, 24 images on a page), product info with the image (e.g. name, dimension, pricing), selection of images fro printing (e.g.. selected category driven product images, selected product images, all product images)
Digital Catalog facilitates a very interactive catalog submission to prospect customers with offline browsed thumbnail gallery, double click product full view, customer enquiry sheet for quick & interactive response. This interactive catalog can be distributed in newsletter for massive mail campaign or can be sent separately through program driven zip/self extractable files.
In addition to image collection, user can customize its collection by making customer wise special collections with re configured product info (like special pricings etc) and this album can be converted into powerful, distributable, customizable and interactive eAlbum (like offline browsed website). eAlbum and and Album Kit serves as powerful back office and marketing function without having to re key product info.
Customer relationship and interactive product offering (where offer includes product image, double click full product view) is an essence for eMarketing. Digital catalog facilitates preparation of highly interactive offering coupled with built-in customer response sheet and customer wise tracking of offer (including product images and details for reference viewing). eOffer driven professional business quotes reduces customer response time and fastens the process of business negotiations.
Product image gallery driven selling often requires customer to view the entire selected collection as one object (like living room or bed room furnishing configuration). Using virtual viewer, user can quickly display its customer the entire view in highly customized manner. User can create such views and save for future references and/or printing as well.
Powerful slideshow, product full view with all the product info view option, image zooming and selected portion magnifying option makes it easier to select products for business prospects. The product can be directly added from this page itself to email/printing basket for further operations.

In addition to powerful features exhibited above, digital catalog provides most of the standard facilities like any other image viewer product.

Facilitate Customer Relationship Management

Explorer view of entire product gallery

Full scale product gallery viewing for selected category

Confidential product for specific customer(s) can be kept as classified product image, viewable with secured access

Multiple criteria driven searchable catalog

Drag and drop email generation through MS Outlook express

Newsletter presentation for eMarketing

Image manipulating tools for image cropping and image viewing including powerful filters, mixing and manipulations

Jewellery valuation tools - for users in Jewellery product line, user can maintain complete precious metal component details lot wise and can value its product at current pricing. This saves enormous time and energy.

auto backup and restoring utility

auto searching of missing product images and restoration process

product image printing of specific offer

standard features of emailing, printing, customized viewing on all the program features

Optimization of product images prior to emailing at user's option for faster emailing

Multiple file format support (jpeg, bmp, gif and tiff)

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