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Date: January 26, 2002

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desktopadz messenger Free Download.

desktopadz Messenger


Why pay
thousands to have others advertise

for you
when you can do it yourself? 

you engaged in selling products or services online?
you finding it difficult to get the visitors you want and need to visit
your site? 
you wished for a truly effective way to get more visitors and to make more
you tired of searching for the right product just to have paid 2 to 3 times
more than what

you should have paid? 
you wish to save time and money to finally begin your business venture and
be confident that the money was well spent?

Well, you're
not alone! 

Many new
and 'would-be-more-successful' e-marketers are wishing for the same
thing. Most, if not all of us agree that the most important keys to long term
e-business success is to build a massive flow of traffic to your sites
and have the 'freshest' products to sell.

If you're
not doing this yet, you had better get started soon -- or continue to trail
while others lead.

programmers have come up with a way that will allow you to send thousands
of ads a month on your own machine while having the newest, most sought
after products on the market.

With desktopadz's
low cost service, you can:

Send messages right to the desktops of 1000's of potential customers
with one single click of the mouse. Eliminate the hassles and delays involved
with compiling large e-mail lists. Avoid laws and regulations regarding bulk
email by sending anonymous and untraceable messages directly to the user's
screen. And have easy access to today's most needed and requested programs
that can immediately be downloaded and utilized for personal use, or for resale.

Important note: This program does not
use any backdoors, exploits or hacks to get into your computer. It uses a
simple 'NET SEND' command incorporated into your operating system. Anyone
can send a message to almost anyone on the internet using this command.

The ability to receive these messages is incorporated into your Operating
System by default!

This software does not hack into or take control of your computer! Our program
automates this process to send to multiple IP addresses.

This software is the best alternative to bulk email. Why?
Here are the reasons:

• There are no email lists to worry about. Bulk email is regulated by
different laws in different states, instant messages are not.

• Bulk email is sent to an email address which sometimes is not even
checked. Messages delivered by this program are delivered straight to the
screen of your client.

• Responses to emails come in days later sometimes, when people read
their emails. Responses to desktopadz messages are as instant as the messages.
Message arrives, people go check out your web site.

• These messages are completely anonymous and virtually untraceable.
Bulk email will cause you trouble with your ISP if you are not using special
software to hide your IP address. With this program your IP address never
shows up anywhere.

• Response rate is a lot higher, which means more business to you.

• Delivery rates are instantly presented to you. You can see how many
messages were delivered and actually seen by people.



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