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Date: January 26, 2002

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PC CASTING Description

PC CASTING Free Download.

Storage Based on Documental Database
All the information, including the digitalized images, is processed and stored in databases.
In this way we avoid the storage of information as loose datafiles which then may end up dispersed throughout the computer.

Information Unification
InformationEach generated record, with its personal information and photographic material, is stored within documental databases called containers, and in this way the dispersion of information in the computer is avoided.

Image Digitalization
TWAIN-compatible, Casting allows image digitalization from any scanner or digital camera compliant with this standard.
Thanks to the application of this market standard, you will be able to load all the photographic material which will integrate the book associated to each file, without ever leaving the application.
This tool eases the operator task and avoids the need to acquire and use other specific applications for image processing.

Book Visualization
There is no more need to file papers or photos.
Double-clicking on the record is enough to view the corresponding book with all associated and previously digitalized photos.
Inside the book, the images can be saved as JPEG-format files, or selected to send them later through email in an automatic packing process.

Report Printing
Among the options available in the program, there is the possibility to generate printed reports of search results: of all records, or just those selected by the user.
There is also the possibility to generate printed reports ordered by name, age, sex, etc.

Multiple Record Containers
PC Casting allows you to create as many record containers as you wish, and in this way you can manage completely independent documental databases.

Advanced Profile Search
Allows the location of all records complying with a specific profile, offering the option to use more than 24 different and combinable parameters (last name, first name, height, body measures, age, birth date, eye color, skin color, hair, nationality, town, marital status, previous employment, etc...).

Image Importing from JPEG Files
You can make use of any photographic material stored in your computer with JPG format and load it directly into the PC Casting documental database in a process as simple as opening a file.

Image Exporting to JPEG Files
PC Casting offers the possibility to export the images from the documental database and save them as JPG format files.
With this option, images can be transported as separate files on CD-ROM, diskettes, or any other type of removable media.

E-mail Processing
Inside each record’s photo book, the preferred images can be selected, then the application attaches the corresponding profile, packs them and marks them as pending to send.
PC Casting incorporates a technology which allows to interact with the messaging system installed in the computer (Outlook, Outlook Express or others) without ever leaving the application, and in this way makes the task easier and fully user-friendly.

On-Screen Help
Just by pressing F1, all the necessary help for the operator is shown on screen.

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