Portable Expense Tracker

Version: 1.1   (version history)
Size: 0
Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $19.95
OS: Palm OS
Author: Valiantech.com

Publisher's Description

Color and Black & White support

Color as well as Black & White Palm® devices are supported.

Desktop program

Palm® PET comes with a PC program, PC PET, with the same features, enabling
fast data analysis, printing, and archiving. HotSync® synchronizes data
between Palm® PET and PC PET. Windows XP and
2000 are supported.

Daily based

You can focus on a single day at a time since Palm® PET is daily based.

Fast data entry

Last saved transaction is remembered by category and populated for fast data
entry when a new record is added.

Easy to use


By clicking a column title, the data list is sorted in ascending or descending
order alternatively.


In all the major forms, double-clicking data simulates the default button click
enabling drill-down without moving your stylus to click a button.

Dynamic column size

Column size can be adjusted by dragging a square box under the data list.

Dynamic column selection and order

You can select the columns and also change the order in data list.

Embedded calculator

You don't have to leave Palm® PET when you need to enter a calculated amount.

Predefined periods

You can select monthly or quarterly predefined period when you run report or


You can mark category, account, payment, or user whether or not it is active.
Palm® PET normally displays only the active ones unless you change the

Home icon

By clicking Home icon, Palm® PET goes to the start form closing all the
in-between forms.

Help icon

All the major forms in Palm® PET has a question mark icon at upper right
corner. When clicked, the corresponding help screen pops up.

Summary of subtotals of expenses/incomes over a period

Using report form, you can group transactions over any period to see the
subtotals by any field. You can also add a search condition.

Drill-down on subtotals

By double-clicking a subtotal, you can see all the related transactions.

Search over a period

You can search transactions by any field over any period.

Recurring expenses/incomes

You can track recurring expenses/incomes over any period.

Expenses/incomes on special occasion

You can attach a tag to each transaction on a special occasion such as business
trip, house remodeling, or contract to distinguish it from others.

Account balance

Each acount can have a balance, which is adjusted on each transaction with the

Tax deductible expenses

You can flag every transaction whether or not it is tax deductible.


You can archive the unused data to PC freeing memory in Palm.

Different currency

You can change the currency if yours is not US $.

Password protection

You can add a password protection for security.

Hi-resolution support

Palm® PET supports the hi-resolution (320 X 320) as well as standard resolution (160 X 160) on Sony Clie & Palm


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