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Viewtier Devenv 2.0 - Site license Description

Viewtier Devenv 2.0 - Site license Free Download.

Viewtier Devenv - Development Environment ManagerDevenv is a simple yet powerful command-line utility that
allows software development teams and software developers set and validate
their common development environment.

Common Development Environment is a set of directories, files, and shell variables that each member of an engineering team must have access to. Having established a common development environment allows reproducible builds, which are key to the successful delivery of a software project.

Devenv helps to solve the most irritating and time-consuming problems of the day-to-day software engineering process:

'It Works On My Computer' Problem
'It works on my computer.' You have heard it many times, and, maybe, have said it yourself once. Even though it's easy to say, it signals one of the most critical problems in day-to-day software engineering process - the inability to reproduce results delivered by a member of a team, or, even worse, by the whole team. Consequences of the problem are wide and range from hours spent by a developer fighting with local copy of the code that does not want to build to the team being stuck with a broken source line.
'Variety of Developmental Tools' ProblemIt's well known and accepted that a software engineer is most productive while using various developmental tools, like editors and IDEs, of his or her choice. Some engineers use Emacs or vi; others an IDE-like JBuilder or Eclipse, etc.

In addition, even though developmental infrastructure tools such as compilers or shells are installed at different locations on developers' desktops, they still have to be available when building a software product.

There's got to be a way for this variety of tools and their locations to be applied
to the same product.

'Variety of Target Platforms' ProblemIn addition to a variety of developmental tools, it is common when a product is developed under different hardware and operation systems that add complexities to reproducible product builds. A small list of such possibilities would include Windows, Linux, Sun OS, HPUX, CYGWIN, bash and Korn shell.
Problem of the Newly Incorporated Team MembersWhen a new member joins any team, even a fairly small one, too often he or she has to encounter issues with the software development infrastructure (or, better said, lack of it). A freshly checked out source line might not build if the building process cannot find a compiler, or if required libraries or database clients are missing, or if paths are set wrong or aren't set at all, and so on. All this results in counterproductive loss of time and frustration both from the newly incorporated member of the team and from the team itself.
The SolutionIn order to become efficient and productive, a software engineering team must answer the following questions:

How do we make sure that changes we make would be available for everyone in the team?
How do we use different tools and still maintain the consistency of the project?
How do we develop products under different hardware and software platforms without the integration hassles?
How do we incorporate new members to our team quickly and painlessly?

The answer is right in front of you - you need the least common denominator, or, in other words, a simple and easy way to set and manage the development environment that would be common and equivalent for each member of the team, one that would also allow the process of building, testing and deploying the project disregard used tools, plaftorms, and locations.

Viewtier Development Environment Setter, Devenv, is a simple, efficient, and multi-platform tool that helps solve the afore-mentioned problems.

Devenv will report the environment problems by itself, if there are any present. If a certain environment is valid, it will set the required shell variables, paths, and building parameters to valid values required by your building and testing scripts.

Devenv Is Easy to Use

Devenv is very easy to use - the developer just goes to a source line tree root directory and types in:



- and the development environment will be automatically validated and set in accordance with the value stored in the easily readable and modifiable .xml file. Please check the documentation page for further information. documentation
page to find out how.

Devenv Is Multi-PlatformDevenv is written in Java and is shipped
with setenv shell scripts for Unix and Windows.
Devenv is Shareware You can use Devenv for about two months after you download it, and then you have to decide whether you want to register it or not. Even though Devenv remains fully operational after the evaluation period ends, you are required to register Devenv in order to continue its use. If Devenv is still used unregistered after the expiration of the evalution period, a thirty second reminder message will show up at the Devenv startup. This message will not affect Devenv's functionality.
Devenv is AffordableIt costs $29 per seat, and even less for multiple seats. If you or your team are experiencing problems that Devenv specializes in, this investment will quickly pay for itself.

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