Progitek Renommer (Licence + CD-ROM) Free Download

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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Progitek Renommer (Licence + CD-ROM) Description

Progitek Renommer (Licence + CD-ROM) Free Download.


Rename, of a simple click and in full safety, whole or part
of a group of files or documents selected in a group of repertories or
files accessible from the station work (local disc, resource or disc
network, removable or magnetic support...). Are
available the impression of information of all the posted files, the
outline of the contents of the current file and the treatment of this
file starting from the program which allowed its creation.


The software makes it possible to reach an unspecified number of
repertories to retain all the files available some are their
attributes. The user selects whole or part of these files for their
applying in cascade up to 8 procedures allowing to re-elect them: at
this stage it acts of a simulation which can be cancelled.


The user piles up in a grid the files resulting from
the repertories selected by recovering or not all the files of the
tree structure. For each file are posted name, extension, repertory,
size, date and attributes. The grid can be sorted in the order [
dé/]croissant of one of this preceding information. The grid can be
transferred and printed in the notepad. Unspecified of these files can
be the subject of an outline to the screen or treatment using the
program which created it.

The user can choose to re-elect all the files available in the grid or
selects one by one files which will be the object of simulation. The
user uses successively the 8 procedures to re-elect the selection
selected: gradually post yourself in the column 'Simulation' the
result obtained. As long as the action 'Simulation towards file disc
is not started', no treatment other than posting in the grid is

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