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Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/2000/XP/98/ME
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PhoneWorks 2002 - Try&Buy Description

PhoneWorks 2002 - Try&Buy Free Download.

PhoneWorks 2002 is an easy-to-use
and powerful telephone, voice mail answering system, and fax
messaging solution for your PC. PhoneWorks solves your
messaging problems by dramatically simplifying how you read,
listen to, and manage your daily information. Accessible
remotely while you are on the road, PhoneWorks acts as a
central database that stores and manages your e-mail, voice
mail, and fax messages.

Windows XP support

Integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook
and Outlook Express

Create fax attachments from paper
documents by using your TWAIN-compatible


What's New with PhoneWorks 2002?

Windows XP Support - PhoneWorks 2002
is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
synchronization - Now integrated with Microsoft Outlook
and Outlook Express**, PhoneWorks allows your fax, e-mail, and
voice mail messages come together in one common 'In-Box'
making it a great unified messaging solution RingCentral.
PhoneWorks 2002 software is THE ONLY SOFTWARE IN ITS CATEGORY
that is able to synchronize directly with Microsoft Outlook
Express! Outlook Express comes pre-installed with every
release of Windows starting with Windows 95, and is the
world's most popular Personal Information Manager and Email
client application. With PhoneWorks 2002 you can send faxes
and match messages directly to your Outlook Express Contacts.
You can also manage all your messages directly from Outlook
Express folders. It's seamless!

Fax Editor with Scanner Support (TWAIN
interface) - Our unique fax editor allows you to select
one of several pre-defined professional cover pages. You can
annotate your faxes, design your own cover pages, import your
company's logo, and sign your fax with an electronic
signature. Our new scanner module supports most popular
scanners through the industry-standard TWAIN interface. Load
up your scanner, hit the 'Scan' button on PhoneWorks 2002, and
see a new scanned document added to our gallery. Scan your own
custom cover pages, use PhoneWorks 2002 to fax out materials
that you only have in hardcopy.

Numerous Other Enhancements,

New, sharper User Interface
Automatic printing of incoming faxes
Ability to print the Call Log or export it to a text
Ability to call back straight from the Call Log
Ability to edit subject lines of incoming faxes
Ability to set up Message Rules for individual mailboxes

and many others...

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Phone Works 2002 Key FeaturesEasy to Use and Own

Sets up quickly in four easy steps
Create a sophisticated voice messaging and answering
system in minutes
Photo-realistic telephone interface makes using
PhoneWorks easy and fun to use
Easily send documents by dragging and dropping them onto
the PhoneWorks Icon
Fully supports Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express so
that now both your fax, e-mail, and voicemail messages come
together in one common 'In-Box'
Use either PhoneWorks or Microsoft Outlook or Outlook
Express to manage your contact information and messages
Telephone Answering System and

Speakerphone, Music on Hold, Mute, Flash, Redial
Quick Dial anyone using the PhoneWorks Address Book
Complete voice mail system supports an unlimited number
of voice mailboxes
Audibly tells you the name of who is calling you using
Caller ID and your address book using a computer generated
Create and play personalized greetings based on who is
calling you
Automatically logs all inbound and outbound voice and
fax calls and displays detailed reports.
Listen to your e-mails on your computer speakers or
remotely by phone. Fax

Reliable send/receive fax module
Send broadcast faxes to any number of recipients
Fax scheduling allows you to take advantage of low long
distance calling rates
Create faxes with unlimited number of file attachments
NEW: create fax
attachments from paper documents, using our new TWAIN
Send faxes from within any Windows application (using
the included printer driver)
Keep detailed logs and records of all you incoming and
outgoing faxes and outgoing pages. Fax Editor

View, edit, and sign faxes using a fully-featured fax
Use one of several predefined cover pages or simply
create your own
Import graphics into your fax documents Notification and Forwarding

Easy-to-customize notification and forwarding rules
Notify your pager or call your cell phone when you
received an e-mail, fax, or voice message
Forward your faxes to an alternate number or e-mail
Forward your voice messages to a cell phone or an e-mail
Have PhoneWorks call you on your mobile phone and read
your e-mails back to you in a computer generated voice.
Remote Access

Remotely listen to new voice messages
Remotely listen to your Microsoft Outlook or Windows
Messaging emails using text to speech
Remotely retrieve faxes or forward them to a number you
Manage mailboxes, passwords, and greetings from any
phone Unified Messaging / Contact

Fully Integrated with Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000,
and XP
NEW: Integrated with
Microsoft Outlook Express
Use either Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or
PhoneWorks 2002 to manage your messages and contacts
Fully Integrated with Windows Messaging
Fully MAPI compliant Compatibility

Supports Class 1, 2, & 2.0 fax standards
Supports TAPI compliant voice modems
Compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, or 2000
Fully TAPI and ACPI compliant

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PhoneWorks 2002 System Requirements

Pentium 200Mhz or equivalent
32MB RAM or more
100MB of free hard disk space
SVGA Video (HiColor)
CD-ROM drive
Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
TAPI compliant voice modem

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* Price is for Download. Have the CD-ROM
software package shipped to your door for an additional $10
plus shipping and handling. (CA residents must add sales

** Microsoft Outlook or Outlook express is not
included or required to use PhoneWorks or SmartFax.

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