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Version: 3.8   (version history)
Date: January 19, 2004

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Boobsoft

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Zero Spy Description

Zero Spy Free Download.

Do you want to know what others do on your computer? No matter what he or she
did on your computer, ZeroSpy will noted that down and tell you. When you are not near the computer, the ZeroSpy will help you to watch over the changing of the screen, and take the snap shuts of it. When you come back, you will know what others did on your computer.

2. Who use it:
(1) Parents can get an information of how the kids use the computer but they don't need
to watch the kids all the time. Especially if your computer has an internet access.

(2) Company can get the hang of their employee by use of it. Government can protect the
confidence information and get evident as need.

(3)The record can supply true and micromesh history information to the management.
This information has great value to the daily operations or long-timely used
Caution: ZeroSpy can't run total silent in background. The icon will show up in
windows task try. It is illegal to use it without the operator's knowledge.

If you have special need for total silent running version, we need go through legal
process. But technically, it is no problem for us doing that.

3.FAQ( Frequently asked question):
(1)Why sometimes graphiques can't be stored?
If the computer is in "sleeping" status, the programs are stop running, so there is no
First enter the password and stop ZeroSpy. Then go to Control Panel, Add/remove
programe? remove it. You must stop ZeroSpy first in order to remove it.
(3)Why the working column can't revealed after "Auto-lock" during the overview of
Maybe something related to resolution. Set the resolution to 800X600 when do
(4)What shall I do if I forgot the password?
If you have registered or bought you software,you can send Email or write to us. we
will help you.
(5)Is the ZeroSpy reliable? Can it be stop by others and lose its watching function?

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