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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: April 18, 2005

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Cosmetigest Description

Cosmetigest Free Download.

Solution devoted to the firms that produce pharmaceutical products; cosmetigest allows a complete control on stores of materials and products, management agents, orders with automatic escape.

Management Store Material

- Registry Materials
- Statistics on the movments of the materials with graphs
- Documents of material load
- Documents of material unloading
- Free load of material
- Free unloading of material
- Orders of material with automatic escape

Management Store Articulates

- Registry Articles
- Documents of load articles
- Documents of unloading articles
- Free load of articles
- Free unloading of articles
- Orders of articles with automatic escape


- Register Expenses
- Register Payments
- Register Collections
- Register Active Expirations
- Register Passive Expirations
- First Note
- Account balance
- Statistic analysis equipped of graphs

Management Agents

- Management multilivel of the promoting figures (Director,Area Headings, Inspector, Agent)
- Registry Managers
- Registry Heads Area
- Registry Inspectors
- Registry Agents
- Automatic association of the commissions to the movements of store
- Automatic generation of the invoices agent
- Automatic division of the commissions to the superior of the agent that the sale has done
- Management of the plans of in operation prize of period and least limit of the amount to be bewitched
- Account of the commissions for single agent and for period
- Account of the payments for agent
- Extract account

Management Pharmacies

- Registry of the pharmacies
- Account of the movments for single pharmacy
- Account of the expirations for pharmacy
- Account of the collections for pharmacy
- Extract account

Management Suppliers

- Registry suppliers
- Account of the movments for single supplier
- Account of the expirations for supp

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