Great Budget Time Tracker Elite Free Download

Version: 3.0.3   (version history)
Date: September 19, 2005


OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Great Budget

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Great Budget Time Tracker Elite Description

Great Budget Time Tracker Elite Free Download.

Take Control of Time
It is now possible for everyone to track time and activities. Time Tracker can share a common database repository to enable reporting across the organization. Individuals and organizations will benefit by standardizing on how activities are reported. Use standard activities and defined projects to generate reports and determine metrics on how time is being allocated. Time Tracker meets quality assurance requirements to time on process engineering.

Why Use this Product.
With this tool you will regain an hour of time each day. People who track their time are more productive and more satisfied with daily production. Time tracking both reduces waste and demonstrates how time was effectively used. Use time tracking to enforce limits on “time slicing” (frequent switching between tasks) and as a tool to maintain focus on the currently selected activity. Use the reporting capability to review how time has been allocated to evaluate how effective the time was utilized and how productive the allocation was. Use the gathered information to better predict how long similar activities can be expected to take and better manage your time.

A wizard gets you started by defining your projects and common activities within and across projects. This list can be added and modified as you learn more about how you utilize your time and how you want to record how time is utilized. The application resides on the Windows tray and is activated on your command.

You can automatically track time or manually enter tasks. A task tree is used to maintain commonality across all projects and all users. Multiple options are available for reporting how time has been utilized, by day, by project, by activity and by user. Time Tracker can be integrated with Great Budget CRIMS to track time on task for cost/risk management and can also be integrated with Great Budget Alarm Clock.

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