Art-Copy Scripting Edition

Version: 2.0   (version history)
Size: 3474.63KB
Date: January 25, 2005
License: Free To Try $99.95
OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Author: Jetsoft Development

Publisher's Description

Art-Copy Scripting Edition will allow you to create your own custom scanning scripts. Imagine the time you can save by creating your own script for each type of scanning job you perform. Create a script that does nothing but copy documents, and sends them to a printer. Create a script that scans images directly to an FTP site. At the same time create a script that scans to an email, or even scans to a file. Art-Copy Scripting Edition even has support for sending an existing file to applications, sending to printers with adjusted output sizes, and even to web sites using the built in FTP support.

Never worry again about opening up your overly complicated scanning program, and being forced to go through the hassle of consatantly changing the settings for each job. Now with Art-Copy Scripting Edition simply set the options you want, save the script, and never again have to worry about loseing those settings to the next scanning job to come along.

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