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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: August 15, 2005

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Geomarketing : GeOptim Marketing : MapPoint Software Description

Geomarketing : GeOptim Marketing : MapPoint Software Free Download.

GeOptim Marketing ! The new Geomarketing tool !
This Geomarketing software must be used with Microsoft MapPoint only, cartographic software providing access to Europa and North America maps. Very simple to use and also very powerfull, GeOptim Marketing will allow you to analyse existing business and make optimal business decisions. You will be able to easily turn business information into maps, sort data the way you need (geographic or tabular), visualize them into thematic maps or export them into external custom documents. It will allow you to optimize future business decisions, advertising campaigns, new stores localization, customers allocation... The new geomarketing tool you need right now !

Import customers or any other data into maps : you just need addresses, or geographical coordinates, to visualize your data on the MapPoint map. The data sources can be from various formats : Business Objects report, Excel or text file, Oracle or SQL Server database... You will then be allowed to realize thematic maps with these imported data. You can also import and analyze such as demographic or social data.

Catchment areas calculation : define your own areas by distance, travel time or simply drawing them on the map. You can edit any area geography, using the drawing tools. You obtain a list of data included in these areas, that you can further analyse or reuse in any other software. GeOptim Marketing brings Geomarketing to you !

Other functionalities : calculate and export the geographical coordinates of your data. Link data from one layer to another one. (for example : link a customer list to a store list). And more...

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