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Version: 4.0.0   (version history)
Date: November 30, 2014

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OS: Windows
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Author: Devicode Technology

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Follow-up Mailer Autoresponder Description

Follow-up Mailer Autoresponder Free Download.

Follow-up Mailer is an automated system that instantly emails information to your potential customers.

In addition it can automatically followup with them over the coming days, weeks, and months. You can send one or more messages at preset time intervals.

For instance you can create 10 messages and release them to prospects on the schedule you specify.

Devicode Followup Mailer is an auto-responder that checks the contents of your incoming emails to determine how to reply to it.

It can automatically reply to your e-mail messages with a prewritten response and can even selectively forward and filter your email messages.

Follow-up Mailer is convenient and saves you time by automatically replying to your email and sending out follow up emails instead of you having to manually keep track of it.

You can personalize your email replies by including the sender's name and other specific information.

Use FollowupMailer as an autoresponder for customer service, delivery of email courses, follow-ups and prospects, mailing lists or ezines that your visitors can subscribe to or purchase order processing. The possible uses are endless.

Followup Mailer reduces the time you spend to answer and follow-up on emails.

Features :
-Automatically responds to your incoming email message.
-Send autoreply or followup emails.
-in and Opt
-out, automaically subscribe or unsubscribe propects.
-Send broadcast messages to your prospects.
-Scan email header and body for specific text.
-Send attachments (PFD, eBook, pictures, files, etc).
-Specify the interval to send followups (hours, days or weeks).
-Pull information from the incoming email and include it in the outgoing email.
-Create powerful filter conditions.
-Delete emails from mail server.
-Communicates directly with POP3 and SMTP servers.
-Import a list of new prospects and export your prospect list.
-Unlimited message length and full HTML or plain text message capability.

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