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Date: July 07, 2006

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OS: Win XP
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Author: Adondo Corporation

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Adondo Personal Audio Link Description

Adondo Personal Audio Link Free Download.

Personal Audio Link (PAL) is 100% Windows-based software that goes on your PC. With PAL, you can call your PC remotely from any telephone or cell phone to get the information you need. You can also access PAL locally with a microphone and speakers. PAL is quick and easy to set up and learns your voice in approximately 2 minutes.

PAL is fun and convenient, especially in the car. It requires no expensive handheld device that might get misplaced; and with PAL, you never need to take your hands, or your eyes, off the road.

After calling PAL, you can access a wide range of PC-based information via voice:
° Read Outlook e-mail, calendar, and contact information
° Connect phone calls to any number in Outlook Contacts
° Get up-to-the minute traffic reports, weather forecasts, and stock quotes
° Play podcasts on-demand; plus radio stations and play-lists
° Read and recite blogs, web pages and RSS feeds
° Recite information from documents and spreadsheets (Word, Excel, text files, etc.)
° Record and send audio email
° Record personal audio notes, with transcription, and save them to Outlook
° Call the user automatically with wake-up, appointments, and urgent e-mails
° Make announcements at specified times each day (daily alarms)
° Do calculations, spells words, and provide synonyms/antonyms
° Provide dates and times for global cities (world clock)

PAL is private, just between you and your PC. It uses has no central server, so your information never leaves you own computer. You will receive a unique 10-digit phone number that you will use to call PAL and can create a security phrase that no one else will know. Only audio streams are transmitted—never text.

PAL uses Speech Recognition technology to interpret your verbal commands and Voice-over-IP Telephony (VoIP) to facilitate remote communication. Artificial Intelligence allows PAL to understand associate, and synthesize responses.

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