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Version: 2.4d   (version history)
Date: September 01, 2006

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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SDatabaser Description

SDatabaser Free Download.

Uses C/C++ structure definitions to operate on data files created by C/C++ programs.

Purpose: An easy to use utility for displaying a sequential record data file for which you have the processing program and its source code. The structure definition in your source code makes it possible to format the fields in data files and therefore make them readable. There are several reasons why you might want to read them: to see if the format is correct, and if not, why; to see the values themselves. Values can be edited. Test data for new programs can be created.

Also, structure definitions for "orphan" data files can be created.

Makes sequential files readable; makes a sequential file look like a database. (A series of fixed length records, one per row, with the data for each field name lined up by column.)Display: Given a record structure, can display and scroll through data files of any size, making it human readable, with each field formatted and displayed in its own cell;

A record structure is obtained from C source code that contains the struct that describes the record layout. The source structs are compiled. Structs can be defined or modified (fields added or removed) within this program.

The complete structure of the record is displayed in the grid header with all nested structures completely delineated in their hierarchical positions. Field names are displayed in the header.

Union members are sequenced by a mouse click on the (U) in front of the union name.

Any individual field is displayed in 3 formats: native, ascii, or hex (binary).

These formats are shown because different field types are best displayed in a particular format. A date field or float can best be understood in its native format; whereas char data is best understood in ascii or hex. But only hex can show what is in the entire field and is the best representation of what's 'really' in that field.

SDatabaser keywords: display records, sequential record, fixed length record, display binary file, format fields database tool, database utility, edit records, data file viewer

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