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Date: April 16, 2007


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Hotel World Map Description

Hotel World Map Free Download.

Hotel World Map is search software for people looking for a hotel anywhere in the world. It lets you find and book 60.000 hotels worldwide on an interactive globe.

It is the easiest, most intuitive way to find a hotel on the planet. The secure booking engine is powered by, the worlds leading travel portal. And this software is completely free to use.

You can also find 150.000 landmarks (points of interest), the same you find on your TomTom or navigation device.

With Hotel World Map, you type in a city or place on the globe and it will show you a fullscreen Google map with all the hotels in that area.

Because it is based on Google Maps, it lets you zoom, pan, switch to satellite views and so on. It will also show you points of interest in the area. You can see the relative distance of hotels to airports, theatres, museums, railway stations, convention centers, etc.

You can also search by landmark. There is no way you can find a hotel in a remote area of some country using Orbitz or Expedia.

For example, try finding a hotel in the North-West of Spain near the beach, using text search on Expedia. Or a cheap place in Sicily, next to the harbour where the boats leave.

The big portals show you a cluttered interface, they try to sell you not just the hotel but also the flight and the car and they constantly push you toward certain offers and destinations where you do not wanna go.

Hotel World Map does not push you to offers and it is much easier to find a hotel based on its location, say close to the beach, or near a venue because you can immediately see where it is.

And cause you can switch to the satellite pictures.

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