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Date: June 05, 2006


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Delta Minaret Description

Delta Minaret Free Download.

Delta Minaret Details

Delta Minaret performs 4 main functions 1- "Salah" times Calculation Delta Minaret user can choose from a database of nearly 500 locations.

If he can't find the location he wants, he can add his own location to the database.

Delta Minaret will then calculate the "Salah" times for that chosen location. The default location used is the home city in the system's settings.

There is a partial Adhan file and "Salah" reminders to remind the user of his daily "Salah". Minaret can also generate outlook reminders for any of the five "Salah" for any period of time day, week or month.

The user will also be able to choose the method for calculating Asr time following either the Hanafi School or the Shafi School Hanafi School: Asr time is when length of shadow = 2 * length of object + noon shadow Shafi School: Asr time is when length of shadow = length of object + noon shadow

The application also allows the user to choose the twilight angles for Fajr / Isha calculation. Fajr starts with the morning twilight (dawn) while Isha starts at the end of the evening twilight (dusk).

There has been a debate on which twilight angle values should be used to calculate Fajr and Isha times taking into consideration that smaller twilight angles produce later Fajr and earlier Isha.

Delta Minaret allows the user to choose among the five conventions currently used by Islamic organizations in various countries and offers the flexibility for the user to add his own angles.

2- Gregorian / Hijri Conversion Delta Minaret also attempts to calculate the Hijri Date corresponding to a given Gregorian date and vice versa.

However, since calculations are not based on actual moon sighting, there may be a +/-1 day discrepancy.

In addition, Delta Minaret User doesn't have to worry about daylight saving adjustment since it is taken into consideration when calculating "Salah" times.

It also saves the user settings so that he doesn't have to repeat them over and over.

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