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Version: 1.01   (version history)
Date: September 06, 2007

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OS: Win 2000/XP
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WinAppLIVE Corporate Edition Description

WinAppLIVE Corporate Edition Free Download.

WinAppLive makes audit, analysis, statistic and control of use of software and the printers

The monitoring task of computer use and the measurement time periods in a clear and precise way enables cost quantifications, increase o investment performance, optimization of the use of resources and management improvement by provide a new usage vision.

This tool may be used in small environments or in larger organizations based on a quick and easy implementation.

We offer answers to the following: What are time and resources being spent in ?

Are employees playing during work hours ?

What time and what costs do chat sessions have in my organization ?

Which is the most widely used software ?

How is software usage time distributed ?

How much time is taken in tasks in front of the PC ?

Which is an individual´s or a department´s printing volume ?

Which printer is the most used by a person or a specific area ?

Are programs being used to download music or software?

Features version 1.0 . Easy install and implementing.. Audit and control of software that can be run (between time intervals).. Audit and control of all that is printed .

Users and Group Management for all Audits and Control.. An important set of predefined reports .

Alert by email (determined by thresholds).. 100% Web User Interface.. Active Directory Integration.. Runs in independent computers or in network environments.. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP home / Pro, 2003 Server all edition, Vista.. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.. Unattended remote Installation in Network environments or execution via login script . Internet online Upgrades or Updates . Invisible mode for end user -Software does not audit information contents, does not contain spyware, we do not use keystroke techniques.

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