Nice Calculator for Smarphone Free Download

Version: 1.16   (version history)
Date: June 26, 2008

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OS: Win
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Author: JustPDAGames

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Nice Calculator for Smarphone Description

Nice Calculator for Smarphone Free Download.

Amaizing calculator with more operations. Skins and multiple expressions to be typed and calculated.

Version 1.16 Feature List: 1. calcuations in two modes: degrees and radians.

2. expressions are typed directly on multilline screen.

3. operation can be calculated after pressing OK button. example 34 + 45(OK) = 79 4. backspace button, to remove whole expression or part of it.

5. standard functions: +, , *, /, %, ^ ,
-e, pi6. using scopes for more hard expressions

Adv Func menu: Copy and Paste operations 8.

Adv Func menu: New Line operation, it can give you ability to calc antoher / separate expression. in order you dont need to keep in your memory previously calculated expression.

9. Adv Func menu: more functions: ln, log, sin, cos, tan, sqrt, exp, ^2 10. 3 more nice skins.

Supported modes: PocketPC 240x320 PocketPC 320x240 PocketPC 240x240 PocketPC 320x240 PocketPC 480x640 PocketPC 640x480 PocketPC 480x480 Smartphone 320x240 Smartphone 640x480

Supported Systems: Windows Mobile 5.0 Windows Mobile 6.0(6.1)

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