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Date: August 01, 2008

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Employee Tracker Pro Description

Employee Tracker Pro Free Download.

The Employee Records application allows you to keep track of all of your employees. For each employee, you can maintain basic information such as name, address, department, title, manager etc.

You can also maintain a history of the employees salary, reviews, vacation days taken, sick days taken and training courses taken. This application uses several tables Employees - contains the name, address and other information about each employee.

Vacation Taken - contains a record with the start and end date of each vacation taken by each employee. Sick Days Taken - contains a record with the start and end date of each period of sick leave taken by each employee.

Salaries - contains a record of salary changes showing salary amount and effective date. Reviews - lists all reviews received by each employee Training Classes - lists all of the training classes that are offered by your company.

Classes Taken - contains a record for each training class taken by an employee. Employee Records Menu - a dummy file. The application menu screens are forms that have been designed for this table.

Also, the help information is contained in a Rich Text memo in this table. The application also uses two sets: Master - this is the main set for the application.

It links the Employee table to the Salaries, Reviews, Vacation Taken, Sick Days Taken and Classes Taken tables in one-many links. Salary Analysis - this set links Employees to Salaries in a one-last link. This is a one-one link that links to the last matching salary record for each employee.

This set shows the current salary for each employee and is used in these reports: Salary Analysis and Salary Report. Entering and Viewing Employee Information To view or enter employee information, select View / enter employees from the main menu. This displays the Employee Records form for the Master set.

To enter new information for an employee, first find the employee, then click the appropriate tab.

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