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Date: November 14, 2008

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
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Author: Godsw,Inc.

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HappyGameBossKey Description

HappyGameBossKey Free Download.

Sometimes we may do some private stuff at work( browse some sexual web site, download something from the Internet, talk with friends with MSN / ICQ, or enen play NET-games when nothing to do), but do not want our senior / Boss / Parent knows, which may bring bad impression of us, if they come close we will become hurry-scurry, do not know how to do then.... Now, Let me introduce you a powerful software.

HappyGame BossKey, it's very helpful at that hurry-scurry moment.Only a hotkey pressed, all the windows and tray icons in the taskbar / desktop will be hided immediately, and after that, we could just press the same hotkey also to show them out again.

What's more, there are some useful functions relative.

Such as we could define the specific programme / process / windows / trayicon that are sensitive to be hide .(and the other will remain the same as before when we press the hide-hotkey); change Title or iocn of a windowframe 1. Hide / Show all the windows and tray Icons in the taskbar now when pressing the hotkey.

2. Hide / Show one or a group of windows(that defined by you) when pressing the hotkeys.

3. Hide / show it's main-window / tray icon, to make itself disguise.

4. Change the icon and title of any window. For example, BossComing can change the Internet Explorer window's icon to the Word's icon, so it will show the Word's icon instead of IE's in the taskbar.

5. Set the transparency of any window, this function will help you to hide window when the Boss is not very close behind us.

6. Hide the tray icons of other applications which are shown in the notification area of the taskbar, and you can still use the pop menu of that hidden tray icon in BossComing's interface.

For example, you can hide the tray icon of MSN or ICQ / OICQ.

7. Provides the password-protection function which can lock BossComing to ensure security of those hidden windows 8.

BossComing's interface is the same as the windows Task Manager(taskmgr.exe),make itself enven move disguise.

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