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Date: March 14, 2011

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Author: Brad Smith, CPA, LLC

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Formula Builder for MS Word - Basic Description

Formula Builder for MS Word - Basic Free Download.

Formula Builder for MS Word - Formulas in Microsoft Word Made Easy!

Formula Builder for MS Word-Basic Edition is a Word add-in program that makes it easy to create formulas in any new or existing Word document.

The program includes many time-saving features.

The Formula Builder Wizard walks you through the steps of building a formula. Formulas are constructed the same way you're familiar with in Excel.

Add cells to your formula simply by double clicking the cell. The wizard includes easy access to any of Word's eighteen built in functions including IF, SUM, AVERAGE, and COUNT.

1-Click Formula allows you to sum a range of numbers with a single click! If you're familiar with AutoSum in Excel, you already know how this works.

The problem with Word's normal copy and paste functions is that they don't work very well with formulas. Unlike Excel, Word does not update formulas for changes in relative cell addresses.

Formula Plus Copy and Paste solves this problem because it updates formulas for relative cell addresses.

The bookmarking feature makes it easy to create bookmarks and add them to your formulas. Use bookmarks when you want to reference a particular cell in several formulas.

Bookmarks act like absolute cell references do in Excel because it keep a cell address constant when formulas are copied using Formula Plus Copy and Paste.

Word doesn't display formulas in a formula bar like Excel, which makes it difficult to know if your formulas are accurate.

Formula Viewer solves this problem because it displays the formula and highlights cells in the formula.

Formula Builder for MS Word is suited for users in a wide range of professions including Accounting, Finance, Legal, Consulting, Private and Public Companies, Government, College and Universities, Academic Research Journals, and Not-For-Profits.

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