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Date: September 15, 2009

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OS: Windows
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Author: OlyKit, Inc.

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OlyKit PrecisionTypeA Expert Advisors Description

OlyKit PrecisionTypeA Expert Advisors Free Download.

OlyKit PrecisionTypeA Expert Advisors With PrecisionTypeA, Dhananjay Expert Advisor is not required.

More flexibility is provided to choose within the 8 trade logics to be used either individually or in combination.

This machine is the ultimate trading machine and no other EAs have come close to its performance since the year 2007.

It uses 8 trade logics, including Dhananjay's logic side by side to provide rock solid returns. Users have the option to enable or disable the trade logics to suite more trading styles.

PrecisionTypeA is actually a combination of 8 EAs controlled by a parent system to trade in any market conditions. Profits are generated seamlessly in both ranging and trending markets.

It's self learning mechanism is a breakthrough in forex trading that enables appropriate switching between trade logics to suite the volatile market.

We are offering our flagship automated trading programs for the first time ever.

These expert advisors are a major part of RapidFOREX managed accounts and the excellent performance of RapidFOREX Managed Fund from the year 2006 to date attests the reliability and profitability of the expert advisors. We have live trading accounts exclusively using RapidForex Expert Advisors (including PrecisionTypeA) that prove the profitability and reliability of our automated trading technology.

Very few other EAs are backed by profitable live accounts as long as RapidForex.

Visit our store page if you want 6 Months Trial PrecisionTypeA Expert Advisor - 6 Months Trial - $159 PrecisionTypeA Expert Advisor - Full License - $749

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