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Date: June 10, 2000

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Author: Bruce A. Williams

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Credit Card Cruncher Description

Credit Card Cruncher Free Download.

Credit Card Cruncher is as a personal financial management tool. It allows you to calculate interest, number of payments and minimum payment for a given balance. You can also calculate payment and interest information if you pay more than the minimum payment; allowing you to compare interest charges for different payments.

Since most credit cards charge different interest rates for transactions other than purchases, such as balance transfers and cash advances. Credit Card Cruncher can facilitate two interests rates and the corresponding balances for each credit card.

For example. Bank ABC Visa charges 15% for purchases and 17% for cash advances. Credit Card Cruncher incorporates both interest rates into its calculations.

Credit Card Cruncher stores up to 255 Credit Cards for instant retrieval and has print capability. Credit Card Cruncher also has a search feature for finding the card with the lowest or highest interest rate, least of most available credit, total interest of all cards using minimum payment, total interest of all cards using payment other than the minimum payment and highest or lowest balance.

Credit Card Cruncher helps to make sense of your credit card statements and forecasts the costs associated with your credit cards. Make Credit Card Cruncher part of your personal finance arsenal.

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