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Date: May 06, 1999

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Zilch Standard Description

Zilch Standard Free Download.

Zilch Standard helps you get you out of debt fast by formulating a repayment plan that shortens your payoff time and saves you money in interest payments.

You can use any combination of up to 30 credit cards and loans, including home mortgages. You simply enter the creditor's name, annual percentage rate, current balance, and minimum monthly payment for each debt, and Zilch does the rest. It analyzes your data, performs hundreds of calculations, and generates a monthly payment schedule that forecasts when you will be completely out of debt. It shows you exactly how much to pay each creditor each month.

You can choose from seven different payment strategies, which include: annual percentage rate, quick elimination, lowest balance first, highest balance first, lowest payment first, highest payment first, and a custom arrangement.

Zilch also lets you pick a debt free date and then creates a payment schedule based on how much extra money you will need each month.

You can even perform 'what-if' calculations. For example:  How much would I save if I added an extra $10 a month to my credit card payment?  How long would it take to pay off my mortgage if I added an extra $100 a month?

Zilch also features a loan calculator, investment calculator, customizable background colors, 3D graphs for interest and time comparisons, the ability to choose your currency symbol (US dollar sign or Imperial pound sign), and more.

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