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Date: October 01, 2001

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Author: Werner Brandenberg

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Easy Budget Description

Easy Budget Free Download.

Easy-Budget is a basic, easy-to-use personal finance program. It allows you to track income versus expenses quickly and conveniently, and with a minimum of time and effort. It is ideal for the busy working individual who desires detailed knowledge of his or her financial status, without the need for time consuming accounting activity. Designed for simplicity of use and endorsed by accountants for their clients, the program provides 'one-click 'access to a summary screen detailing your actual versus budgeted expenses for year-to-date or any given month.

There is also an option to generate a graphical display of the same information. Easy-Budget provides a refreshing alternative to the 'feature-bloat' of other personal finance programs that hog memory and slow performance with a myriad of features and screens that most people will never need.

Easy-Budget is based on a monthly budget. The first step is to enter your income from various sources. Each income source is assigned a frequency of receipt, which can be any period such as weekly, monthly, etc. Easy-Budget then calculates how much you have available to spend each month.

Next, monthly budgets are entered for expense categories pertinent to your household. Easy-Budget comes configured with a standard set of expense categories, but you can add or remove categories to customize them to your needs. Easy-Budget supports up to 50 different expense categories.

Once your budget is created, you can begin entering your actual expenses as they occur.

A summary screen shows the allocated budget, amount spent to date, and balance for each expense category, and indicates which categories are in trouble and need revision. There is also a planning function available for annuities, savings accounts, loans and mortgages.

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