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Version: 98.3.7   (version history)
Date: July 31, 2001

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The Mutual Fund Tracker 2000 Description

The Mutual Fund Tracker 2000 Free Download.

The Mutual Fund Tracker works using technical analysis to determine when to buy or sell mutual funds. This program will help you analyze a mutual funds relative strength based on comparison of three user definable moving averages and the current fund price, while providing you with buy, sell, and hold signals based on three key indices.

You can even look at different "what if" scenarios based on your diverse criteria and investment objectives. Let's look at the program's results for the past five years. In 1996 you would have seen a gain of 21.67%. In 1997 you would have seen a gain of 26.49%. In 1998 you would have seen a gain of 25.75%. In 1999 you would have seen a gain of 46.98%. In 2000 you would have seen a loss of 0.93%.

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