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Date: July 01, 2002

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MoneyBox Free Download.

MONEYBOX FREE FUNCTIONS - Personal Level: Just focus on recording your receipts and payments and know exactly where you are with your cashflow. With the simplest ever reconciliation technique, balance your Bank and Charge accounts. Stay one step ahead of your Bank manager! Do you have a foreign Bank account, do you use your credit card overseas? MoneyBox handles it all. Record transactions in any currency, maintain Bank and Charge accounts in any currency, see your accounts and reports in any currency at the touch of a button. With full graphics facility, MoneyBox is easy on the eye too. It gives you a vivid and detailed picture of your financial transactions with graphs displaying Cashflow Planning, Budgets vs Actuals, Actuals vs Last Year and other key information. These are invaluable tools when talking to your Bank manager.
MONEYBOX PRO FUNCTIONS - Advanced Personal Level: Financial reports are clear and easy for the non-accountant to follow. The Income and Expenditure Account tells you whether you are earning more than you spend. The Balance Sheet lists what you own and what you owe, and tells you your net worth. The Financing report tells you what you did with your surplus income - or how you financed your expense overrun! These are invaluable tools when talking to your financial adviser, your accountant as well as your Bank manager.
Professional Level: Preparing invoices is as easy as entering ordinary payments and receipts plus you get full sales analysis by customer, product etc. Use the reconciliation facilities to track exactly which invoices have been paid. Manage your cashflow with 30, 60, 90 day analysis of Bank, Charge, Customer and Supplier accounts. View what products you have sold to which customers. Just by entering the tax rate for each transaction, you have full Sales and Value Added Tax accounting and reporting. Doing your VAT return is a 5 minute breeze. You know at any time how much you are due to pay over to the tax man.

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