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Version: 1.0d   (version history)
Date: June 20, 2003

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP
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Author: AL-Software team

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Price Scanner Description

Price Scanner Free Download.

Program is made for search and processing of information in multiple prices. Searching can be performed on several fields, i.e. to find minimum value, in compliance with different criteria (for example, coincidence of first symbol or coincidence of word).

It is possible to search in one or several selected file. Program supports so named "cross-links", i.e. if the same goods are kept in different price-files, and have a different code, it is enough to assign these two codes as interchangeable and program will keep it mind.

For each price-file you create a structure, which is used as facility for suitable navigation. Thus it allows to load only needed columns from file Structure can be easily modified by user. One more features of the program are extended search and order making utility.

The order is presented by the list of the codes. The program allows to find all of these codes in each price-file (or report in case of absence) and find that company, where total price of the given order will have minimum value.

Main features: Supported file formats: plain text (*.txt), Microsoft Excel (*.xls); Powerful abilities of searching in prices for particular position; Search can be performed in single or multiple prices; Different search criteria: exact coincidence, part of the word, first chars in word, word coincidence

Search for minimum in column (i.e., for the least price); Cross-links support (product analoges) and their usage in search; Creation of file structure with the following abilities: needed columns can be selected; names of the columns can be assigned; you may specify type of field (wares code or price); measure units of columns can be defined. Diffrenent currencies are supported
Extra charge for ware can be set; Extended search - calculation of average price, showing up of present or absent wares; Extended search results can be saved in a file or sent into order list.

Price Scanner keywords: price, excel, search criteria, cross-link, interchangeable, search for minimum, currency, extra charge, average price, powerful abilities, creation, type of field, extended search, search results, present wares, absent wares, different code

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