Metastock Multiple Security Back Test Add-in Free Download

Version: 3.0   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/98/ME
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Metastock Multiple Security Back Test Add-in Description

Metastock Multiple Security Back Test Add-in Free Download.

You will be able to back test your trading strategies on multiple securities, before investing your money. Results will be written in a tab delimited txt file, so you can open it with either a spreadsheet program like Excel or Wordpad. You can make further statistical calculations on the results if you use a spreadsheet program like Excel. More info can be found on

Below are the column titles for the result report.

- Total Profit (%) - An. Profit (%)
- B&H Profit (%) - An. B&H Profit (%)
- Total Trades - % Profitable
- Trades Win - Trades Loss
- Long Trades - Winning Long
- Losing Long - Short Trades
- Winning Short - Losing Short
- Cur. Pos - Entry Date
- Bars in - Avg. Bars in
- Total Win - Avg. Win
- Largest Win - Avg. Win. Length
- Longest Win - Cons. Wins
- Total Loss - Avg. Loss
- Largest Loss - Avg. Loss Length
- Longest Loss - Cons. Losses
- A.Win/A.Loss - Close DDown
- Open DDown - Trade DDown
- P/L Index - Reward/Risk Index
- B&H Index - Com. Paid
- Int. Earned - Bars in Test
- Days in Test

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