Amazing Money Formula

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Date: January 26, 2002
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Publisher's Description

Dear Internet
 I Magic Money Wand + 3 Secret
Money Weapons 

= Amazing Money Formula.

I have discovered the most incredible, the most amazing

formula for making money in the world.   It’s so simple a child

can use it, yet
it is so powerful that it can turn you into a Money
Magnet. This Scientific Breakthrough in human technology is called
The Amazing Money

In the Amazing Money Formula

you will discover

The real truth about money

How to attract money to you and
how to keep it coming

How your own money Magic
Money Wand can eliminate
money worries forever

Why it's important to learn the wealth
creating secrets  the rich already know 

Why having a good
system or business idea is not enough

Why people who win lots of money often lose it all because they don't know how
to create money

How reading a lie on a card has the power to make you fabulously wealthy 

Ten Commandments of Being Poor and how to break
every single one of them

How to make money your master, not your slave
That if  you are negatively attached to money 
you will never be rich

That there are two ways to make money, the hard way and the easy way

you are actually repelling money and what to do about it
How to never let recessions or layoffs or property downturns bother you
Why two people who do exactly the same things in business get very
different results
Why it doesn’t matter how much financial education you have, you might
never become rich if you don’t have access to the Amazing Money Formula
How to get off the money merry-go-round
Why only 5% of the population become independently wealthy despite all the
financial education available
How buying lottery tickets can actually repel great wealth
Why we should kiss our bills
How being too realistic is often a very successful way of staying poor
How your parent’s money situations and beliefs can affect how much money
you have
Why it is possible with the Amazing Money Formula
to change anyone’s
money situation, regardless of how bad it is
Why we sometimes overspend money when we are trying to save it
Why we sabotage our money situation
What to do if you are repelling money with any of the
Seven Deadly Money

And much, much more.


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