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Date: January 27, 2005

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Stock Options Secrets Description

Stock Options Secrets Free Download.

Overpricing/underpricing option calculator. Handy options calculator no option trader should miss. This is a serious piece of software with several features not fould in any other option calculator - whatever price. No datafeed support is included, however.

- Compute fair prices
- Find Delta/Gamma/Vega
- Find implied volatility
- Find historical volatily
- Find probability for price reaching a target level
- Find implied forward price/implied price
- Test impact of an uptrend in stock
- Find probability of option expiring worthless
- Find probability of profit
- Find probability of loss
- Find average profit for your option strategy Not found in any other option calculators (thousands of iteraction performed to reach result - numbers most option traders never have seen)
- Find average loss for your option strategy Not found in any other option calculators
- Test different options strategies
- Find the conditions for a profitable option strategy in the long run
- Compute overpricing/underpricing
- Risk calculator
- Option formulas Black-scholes and Cox-ross-rubenstein

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